Arab Spring and the Future of Democracy

Duygu Dersan Orhan

This study aims to outline the dynamics emerged in the Middle East by the process called as Arap Spring. Within this framework, internal and external factors triggering the social movements in the Arab World are analyzed. The positions of the international powers in these developments are evaluated. After analyzing the regional developments as a part of a general wave, in order to display the differences between different countries, political developments in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Syria are scrutinized one by one. In the light of all these evaluations, it is discussed how to analyze the political developments in the Arab World and if a democratic transformation is possible or not.

Article Type:  Original Paper

Language: Turkish

Suggested Citation: Orhan, Duygu Dersan 2013. Ortadoğu’nun Krizi: Arap Baharı ve Demokrasinin Geleceği. (Arab Spring and the Future of Democracy) Atılım Sosyal Bilimler Dergisi 3(1-2), 17-29.

Türkçe Öz     Volume 3(1-2)