Neoliberalisation in Turkey and in the UK – A Critical Perspective

Özge Yaka

This paper provides a detailed account of neoliberalism as a “particular organisation of capitalism”. It aims at a modest contribution to the discussion of the conceptual background and historical development of neoliberalism, focusing not only on its economic outcomes but also its social, cultural and ideological effects. This paper shows that there is no single neoliberalism but there are variegated-hybrid forms of it; hence it stresses the “socially and spatially differentiated character” of neoliberalisation. This study also draws interesting parallels between the neoliberalism experiences of UK and Turkey through a comparative historical analysis. Here the political and discursive similarities between Thatcherism and Özalism, in terms of their authoritarian and populist characteristics, draws special attention. As a conclusion, this paper introduces moral economy, with reference to Andrew Sayer, as an alternative point of view. Moral economy, this paper argues, provides a theoretical and ethical ground on which the hegemonic neoliberal premises of our time could be questioned and criticised.

Keywords: Neoliberalisation, variegated neoliberalism, Thatcherism, Özalism, moral economy.