Atılım Social Sciences Journal , a new peer-reviewed scholarly open access journal published by Atılım University, is currently seeking articles for its early issues.

The journal aims to create a platform for the publication of innovative interdisciplinary research in the fields of social sciences, law, literature and philosophy.  Submissions from other fields that bring a new outlook to social sciences research are also strongly encouraged.

Authors may submit both applied and theoretical research as well as comparative and review studies in these areas.Atılım Social Sciences Journal will be published biannually with one regular issue and one special issue on a selected interdisciplinary topic. Book review submissions and proposals for translations of important articles in the social sciences are also welcome.

Young academicians are particularly encouraged to contribute to our journal as we seek to provide a platform for recent graduates or those currently working toward their degrees to showcase their original research. 

We invite colleagues to submit their manuscripts, book reviews or translations for consideration in our journal. All submissions will go through an expedited quality peer review process, and decisions on manuscripts will be made within a reasonable period of time.

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Mete Törüner
Editor, Atılım Social Sciences Journal