About the Journal

Aims and Scope

Atılım Social Sciences Journal is a biannual, peer-reviewed, multidisciplinary scholarly journal that aims to publish original research in the fields of social science, law, literature and philosophy. To this end the journal promotes interdisciplinary research in these areas with calls for special issues. In addition to publishing applied, theoretical and comparative research in these fields, the journal also encourages contributions from other fields that bring new insights into social science research. Proposals for thematic issues should be directed to the editor.

The book review section of the journal  is devoted to reviews of notable books in these fields. In addition, academic translations of major works into English or Turkish will be included in the translated articles section.


Editorial Information

Owner on Behalf of Atılım University 

Prof. Yıldırım Üçtuğ
Assist.Prof. Mehmet Gürsan Şenalp
Editorial Board
Prof. Ayhan Tan
Assoc.Prof. Lerzan Gültekin
Assoc.Prof. Hayriye Özen  
Assoc.Prof. Emre Toros
Assoc. Prof. Savaş Zafer Şahin
Assist.Prof. Nil Demet Güngör
Assist Prof. Çağkan Sayın
Assist. Prof. Mehmet İstemi
Assist.Prof. Fatma Ülkü Selçuk
Assist.Prof. Mehmet Gürsan Şenalp
Assist. Prof. Duygu Dersan Orhan
Dr. Esra Şengör Şenalp
Editorial Assistants
Eşref Uğur Çelik
Özge Ercebe
Mustafa Can Küçüker